Publication: “Small Satellites – Regulatory Challenges and Chances”

The publication “Small Satellites – Regulatory Challenges and Chances” edited by Professor Irmgard Marboe addresses the booming phenomenon of small satellites. The rapid innovation of technology has made it possible to develop, launch and operate small satellites at rather low cost. Universities, start-ups and also governments see the chance to access outer space more easily and inexpensively. Yet, the importance to comply with existing rules and regulations that are in place to ensure that outer space is used and explored in a safe and responsible manner is sometimes overlooked. The book addresses this challenge and shows how it can be met. The contributors are renowned academics and practitioners from many different countries that share their experiences and insights and suggest practical Solutions.

Title:                     Small Satellites – Regulatory Challenges and Chances
Editor:                 Professor Irmgard Marboe
Publisher:          Brill/Martinus Nijhoff
Series:                  Studies in Space Law 11
Series Editor:   Frans G. von der Dunk
ISBN:                    9789004312227
Publication:       March 2016

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